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Risk Assessments   

Select Health and Safety Ltd assist with the preparation of risk assessments and method statements across a host of industry sectors and also provide model assessments for these to be developed by competent persons.

We also operate a risk assessment training course to enable selected and succesfully trained delegates the abiliity to generate new risk assessments and for model assessments to be developed further.

Select Health and Safety Ltd help to provide an operational risk assesment for premises based on the health and safety file to meet the requirements of CDM 2015.

Risk Assessment Training Available
We also undertake risk assessment training to enable our clients to understand this process and to address risk in their organisation.  This course is aimed at Managers and Supervisors and starts with the legal requirements with practical examples in syndicate exercises. more ...

Health & Safety File - Operational Risk Assessment
Our CDM Awareness course covers the requirements of a Health and Safety file and the aspects that need to be covered to produce an operational risk assessment. more ...