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Premises & Landbanks   

As part of their wide scope of services Select Health and Safety Ltd can undertake inspections of premises and land-banks to ensure that the statutory duties of Occupiers, Owners and Landlords are met in respect of health and safety legislation.

In recent years the government have tightened up on rules to make landlords more responsible than in the past in order to ensure that they comply with health and safety law. This is of course good news for tenants, but means that landlords need to keep abreast of legislation to ensure they do not break the law. Their responsibilities are far reaching and go well beyond simple upkeep of the interior and exterior and extend to gas safety certification, electrical safety and fire risk assessment. A lack of knowledge in undertaking such inspections and audits could result in the aforementioned parties being prosecuted and perhaps fined.

Where premises management companies are employed these duties generally fall under their jurisdiction.

They will deal with aspects such as:

Image Emergencies.

Image Fire Risk Assessment and Control.

Image Access arrangements.

Image Security Gas & Electricity.

Image Control of Hazardous Substances.

Image Food Hygiene.

Image Legionella.

Image Asbestos.

Image Energy Management.

Image Future Construction and Maintenance.



For buildings and structures erected after 1994 these should have an operational risk assessment in place to deal with the management of these issues formulated from the Health and Safety File. Select Health and Safety Ltd are able to provide their expertise to fulfil risk assessments, inspections and audits in any of the above aspects on behalf of tenants or management companies where they are not competent to undertake any of these functions.

Property Developers have a duty to ensure that they protect the public and third parties from risks associated with any owned undeveloped buildings, land-banks and stock properties which include as an example; asbestos, hazardous substances, services and any potentially unstable structures.

Select Health and Safety Ltd can undertake inspections in these areas and highlight recommendations to ensure compliance with legislation. These aspects are generally the responsibility of the Client and Principal Contractor when a formal appointment has been made to carry out the enabling or construction works and our services also extend to monitoring active construction schemes.