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Policies & Procedures   

We undertake policy and procedural reviews within all organisations and have experience of implementing, reviewing and monitoring OHSAS 18001 and EN ISO 14001 management systems.

The most effective means of showing management commitment to Health and Safety is by issuing a safety policy statement, signed and dated by the most senior member of the management team and to ensure that the requirements of the policy itself are followed through by managers, supervisors and the workforce. This document need not need contain any detail but it is nevertheless an expression of management commitment to their safety policy.

Drafting a new safety policy can seem like a daunting task to some, to others they may have the desired committment but simply lack of experience to conduct such a task. Nevertheless it is a legal requirement to have a written policy when more than five persons are employed in an organisation.

Select Health and Safety Ltd prepare new policies and procedures across all industries from small companies to large organisations. We not only draft these documents but we provide a total support solution from implementing policy in the workplace to monitoring, review and future updates.

Small Business Support Service
We operate a Platinum, Gold and Sliver Package service for small businesses including sub contractors engaged in construction work. Call us on 01302 515120 for information or click here for  more Image Business Support Packages.pdf

Meeting Face to Face with our Clients is Important
We meet with clients face to face and get to know their managment structure and business before we prepare their Safety Policies and Procedural documents.

We have extensive experience of monitoring and reviewing existing policies and procedures to ensure that these reflect the current status of an organisation and to ensure that they comply with current legislation.

Safety Polices should not be confused with safety manuals. Whilst they are often found as combined documents the policy will refer to the manual for key technical points on your business operations. Safety policies should provide all concerned with concise information on the company’s health and safety objectives, goals and how these are to be achieved including the statement of intent, organisational structure, responsibilities of management and staff and the arrangements for managing health and safety to include such aspects as risk assessment, training, emergency procedures etc.

Select Health and Safety Ltd offer a range of competitive packages to clients and you will find that we are very practical in our approach. Policy documents produced by Select Health and Safety Ltd are presented in hard copy and electronic format (Microsoft Word) so that clients can manage and update these themselves in the future. Any new policy prepared by us will be your own unique policy to your business, we do not issue generic policy statements, policies or manuals that pay no resemblance to your organisation.

If you require a new policy or a review of an existing policy or perhaps a review of your present arrangements for managing health and safety then call Select Health and Safety Ltd to obtain practical and common sense advice and support to achieve your goals.