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Inspections & Audits   

Select Health and Safety Ltd are able to offer SHE inspection solutions across all industries.

Our electronic safety inspection system ensures that good practice is recorded in addition to identifying and advising our clients on standards which require improvement. More importantly recommendations of what is required to ensure compliance and safe working are recorded.

SHE workplace inspections generally form the nucleus when establishing safety standards within an organisation. Likewise these standards can often be a reflection of the information gathered from subsequent reports.


Our electronic inspection system can be tailored specifically to your business needs with the following enhanced features:

Image Electronic archiving to Select Health & Safety Ltd database allowing instant retrieval.

Image Immediate production of reports post-inspection via Bluetooth® printing technology.

Image Encourages improved performance across workplaces and the workforce.

Image Provides Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Image Records recommendations for improvement together with close out facility.

Image Highlights trends that can be downloaded in report format for presentation to management and relevant duty holders.

Image Consistent rating scheme and reporting method presents uniform standards throughout your organisation.

Select Health & Safety Ltd will train employees in your organisation on this system so that they can interpret their inspection findings and apply practical recommendations to maintain compliance.

We are able to assist your duty holders to compile board reports based on the inspection findings. Our experienced staff can attend and present such data to discuss areas of concern and focus on improving trends and recognising and promoting good standards. The system historically has been fundamental in reducing insurance costs to business solely due to its ability to create change. 

Where your organisation operates on a national basis the electronic system can rapidly install uniformity regarding safety related standards. This is achieved through an information sharing process that is both consistent and robust.

Select Health & Safety Ltd will provide a full demonstration of the system upon request.

If required we can adopt an existing inspection system stipulated by the client.