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Fire Risk Assessments   

Fire has proved through history that it can have a devastating impact on business, its workforce and the public. The management of fire safety can appear time consuming for those responsible and all too often may be not effectively planned and managed.

In an attempt to reduce the burden on business and commerce the government introduced the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This enforced significant change relating to fire safety and applies to virtually all premises and includes every type of building, structure and open space. As well as simplifying current legislation, it introduced the need for employers, building owners and occupiers to have a greater understanding of fire safety and nominate a responsible person to ensure compliance.



Assistance is at hand

Select Health and Safety Ltd have the resources and expertise to ensure you comply by offering the following services:

Image Provide comprehensive workplace Fire Risk Assessments.

Image Training for designated Fire Wardens and the ‘Responsible Person’.

Image Liaise with Enforcing Authorities on your behalf to ensure compliance.

Image Conduct a Fire Safety Audit formulating a report and recommendations.

Image Attend and conduct workplace evacuations on your behalf and report relevant findings.

Image Produce site specific Fire Plans.