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CDM Services   

Select Health and Safety Ltd provide a CDM services to assist our clients in the following areas;

Image Give advice and assistance to clients on assessing competence.

Image Notify the HSE of a project.

Image Identify and collect pre-construction information and produce a Pre-Construction Information Pack.

Image Ensure the relevant parts of the Pre-Construction Information Pack are passed on to other duty holders.

Image Advise the Client on the suitability/development of the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan.

Image Produce Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans.

Image Co-ordinate the production or updating of a relevant user friendly Health and Safety File.

Select Health and Safety Ltd have extensive construction sector experience.

For further information contact  01302 515120 or via e-mail ian@selecthealthandsafety.co.uk or darren@selecthealthandsafety.co.uk