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Accident Investigation  

Select Health and Safety Ltd provide a comprehensive accident/incident invesigation service.

Having someone you can rely on for emergency call out for accident investigation can save your organisation significant time in ensuring that any shortfalls are dealt with to prevent a re-occurrence and that active liaison will take place with senior management and enforcing authorities, including notification on client’s behalf of reportable injuries and dangerous occurrences.

Any unfortunate unplanned event or occurrence can lead to pain and suffering for the individual concerned as well as having considerable impact on the organisation, other parties or the environment. Organisations have a legal duty under legislation to have arrangements in place to deal with emergencies, which include accidents and incidents in the workplace. It is important that all accidents and incidents are investigated to prevent a re-occurrence. The level of investigation will depend very much on the type of accident.

Our services are geared towards providing accident investigation for serious reportable injuries where there may be involvement from enforcing authorities and where organisations may require advice on what to do following such an unfortunate event.

Organisations often underestimate the consequences of a serious accident in the workplace and how it impacts on the injured party, the company or indeed other employees, including senior managers and directors. This should not to be taken lightly, bearing in mind the recent introduction of Corporate Manslaughter and Health and Safety Offences Act 2008. Notwithstanding the pain and suffering of the injured party and the impact on their family but there may be the possibility of HSE intervention in the form of a statutory notice, or indeed a prosecution.

Select Health and Safety Ltd have considerable experience of investigating reportable injuries and dangerous occurrences in the workplace as well as dealing with enforcing authorities to share a common goal of future prevention.

In order to raise awareness Select Health and Safety Ltd can deliver a dedicated course specifically tailored for Senior Managers and Directors on their responsibilities under health and safety law, including dealing with serious accidents and emergencies. The syllabus offers a practical insight into good health and safety management principles and highlights how this can benefit your organisation.


What we do

Our accident investigation service includes:

Image Emergency call out response.

Image Full comprehensive report.

Image Report photographs of the accident scene.

Image Statements from witnesses.

Image Review of risk assessments and method statements and

Image Review of health and safety plans.

Image Training records review.

Image Notify and liaise with enforcing authority.

As part of our service Select Health and Safety Ltd will issue Interim recommendations immediately after any serious accident followed by a written in depth investigation report within 7 days of the event. We will also issue an Incident Alert (précis of accident) so that details can be circulated within the organisation. Select Health and Safety Ltd will deal with such accidents in a confidential manner. Our aim is not to apportion blame, but to outline the key facts of the accident and make recommendations to prevent a re-occurrence.